Lips and Peri-oral

Lip Filler

At Reach we aren’t fans of the term “Lip Fillers”. Lip filler has become a very common term and implies all we are doing is injecting a product in your lips to make them bigger. This often isn’t the case – each individual has a different lip and therefore has different needs to address. This is where the experience of Reach practitioners comes in.

During your consultation we will discuss your overall lip shape and your concerns. Lip enhancement is a more accurate term as that is what we are doing – enhancing your lip in a way to make them full and shapely. Gone are the days of the duck lips! (We hope).

Do I need to have a consultation before I can book the procedure?

In almost all cases the consultation and procedure can be done within one appointment.

How long is the procedure?

On average the procedure takes 20 minutes to complete. Add on time to numb the area, so expect the appointment to last around 45 minutes.

What should I do before my appointment?

No alcohol whatsoever for 24 hours before your appointment. No ibuprofen or paracetamol either, unless you are prescribed these by your GP. Make sure to have something to eat in the morning, and only apply make-up that will be easy to remove.

What about post treatment advice?

Avoid intense exercise for the remainder of the day, avoid alcohol, no makeup and try not consume anything for one hour after your procedure. This is just to allow the lips to heal properly and minimize any risk of infection.

Does it hurt?

The lips are one of the more sensitive areas of the face, and from our own experience as injectors we would say you should expect a small amount of discomfort when getting lip filler. To help reduce this we apply a numbing agent to the lips and leave it on for a good amount of time before proceeding with injections.

Should I expect there to be any downtime from this procedure?

The main thing to expect will be swelling. Your lips can be swollen for a few days post treatment, and you may choose to apply something cold against the area to help reduce this.

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